What type of proxies you provide?

Ans. We provide only socks5 residential proxies.

What is the difference between HTTP & Socks5 proxies?

Ans. A SOCKS5 proxy is faster than an HTTP proxy since it supports UDP.

How you collect all your residential proxies?

Ans. We collect our residential proxies from various sources and vendors.

Do you sell single residential proxies?

Ans. No. We have only 3 plans

  1. Trial Package which cost only 1$ to test our services.
  2. Daily Package.
  3. Unlimited Package.

What payment system do you have?

Ans. We accept Perfect Money, Web Money, Crypto.

What software/ addon you recommend to use your socks5?

Ans. We highly recommend proxy omega addon for browser to use our socks5 proxies.

Okay I created account now what to do next?

Ans. You can buy our proxy plan by clicking on Buy Plan option. Then click on All Socks at the left side corner of your panel to view all socks from major countries.

I can’t see socks5 on your panel what to do?

Ans. As you can all IP’s are in hidden format, so you need to click on to view it completely like IP & Port. Using IP and Port you can use it on your browser.

Can you filter proxies based on country/ location?

Ans. Yes you can able to do it using our panel filter option.

Do I need IP authentication to use your proxies?

Ans. No its not.

How to check IP location?

Ans. You can use IP8.com, ip2location etc.

How often proxies updated?

Ans. We update it daily.

Do you offer free demo account?

Ans. No we don’t but we have Trial Package of 1$.

We will keep on updating the FAQs as per user’s questions on future.